It all started in 1980 when I purchased my first property and attended  the classes necessary to aquire a license to sell Real Estate in Florida. The knowledge I attained in those classes paid me back one thousand fold as I perused though the next 35 years with my real estate investing, personal residences, and commercial properties for various business interests.

I chose to go into the retail industry with Macy's, Radio Shack, and my own stores instead of pursuing a career in Real Estate. The time has now come to put my retail businesses behind me and focus solely on assisting the public with Real Estate in South Florida.


I've chosen Florida Premier Realty as  the brokerage to handle all my Real Estate transactions. My broker, Marc Schoen, and his incredible team will support us every step of the way as we search for your perfect home or business location.

Whether you need to rent, purchase, or sell; a residence, condo, retail store, commercial, or investment property, you can be assured to get the expert guidance you need.

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the service you deserve

Many of today’s most productive Real Estate agents enter the profession with a long history of success in other business ventures. The ability to transfer knowledge and expertise acquired from the past can make a significant and positive impact. Maneuvering through a detailed property transaction involves choosing a sales associate who can “speak the language” and communicate vital information clearly to buyers and sellers.

Dave Hibbs’s unique, multi-talented work experiences include serving as a District Manager for 10 consumer electronic outlets in the Houston area to operating successful computer and music stores in South Florida. Besides playing guitar and writing music, Dave has worked as a Sound Engineer, mixing and producing over 1,000 live shows. His ability to effective communicate with clients has earned him numerous awards, including an outstanding top 2% rating in a national customer satisfaction survey for Uber transportation services.

An expertise in both construction and building design within the South Florida commercial and residential Real Estate markets has made Dave Hibbs a highly-valued member of the staff.